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  • Operation instructions:

    • Connect battery pack to output connector and plugin AC powe rsource

    • Make sure battery polarity is connected correctly (red wire is positive)

    • Charger will detect battery voltage automatically, and red LED will be on during charging

    • When battery is fully charged, current will reduce to trickle charging at 50mA, and green LED will be on

    • Battery will be charged at 0.9A/1.8A constant current

    • Approximate charging time is about 1.5 hours for 3,000mAhbattery and 1 hour for 1,800mAh battery

    • The charger is designed for quick charging of NiCd and NiMH battery packs from 6 to 12V for RC car/air and air soft gun

    • Don't charge battery pack with 6/12V and 1,100mAh capacity

    • Battery pack must be made of high drain current cell

  • Please contact your seller for instructions

  • Manufacturer is not responsible for any damage and consequent damage for misuse

  • Caution:

    • The charger is designed for indoor use only

    • The charger should be horizontally positioned and works in well ventilated condition

    • Should not be kept in high-humid environment or near inflammable objects

    • Don't cover the charger when charging, ambient temperature should not be more than 40°C

    • Don't touch the plug

    • Cut off the power supply before connecting or disconnecting the charger with batteries

    • Don't try to disassemble the charger when the power is on